Mount Zkhann

Bat Mountain

Mount Zkhann is one of the outlying mountains of the greater K’zing-K’zung Mountains in the center of Zorr, The Eagle Continent. Two-thirds of the way up its slopes hangs the Danthforz Forest, an evergreen forest which is fed by the Zii, Zygsth, and Ningz Rivers. The upper third of its slopes are covered in steep, jagged crystal, giving it the illusion of being snowcapped.

The mountain is home to several thick veins of moonfire, a precious stone which appears to burn with an inner light when struck by moonlight. Dwarven miners created a complex system of mirrors to drive moonlight into the depths where they worked in order that the veins could be spotted with ease.

After the miners were driven out by the false god, the mountain became home to flocks of cricket bats, from whence came its current nickname, Bat Mountain.

Mount Zkhann

Tribute to the False God Figment